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Project Description
Converts Zune playlists (.zpl) to Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center (.wpl) compatible playlists.

Microsoft's free Zune software is a great tool for managing your music collection. It provides direct support for Zune devices and direct access to Microsoft's online music marketplace. For ~$15 a month you have access to unlimited music downloads and 10 DRM free downloads every month. This is great news for Windows Media Center users. Although Zune is an excellent tool, it's playlists are not compatible with Windows Media Center. ZplToWpl solves this problem by providing a tool which will bulk convert Zune playlists to Windows Media Center playlists. It remembers where the playlists are located and provides a generate button. Use Zune to download unlimited music and setup your playlists. Use your Windows Media Center extender and your couch to enjoy music in your living room.

When run, this program creates a new .wpl file with the correct extension and header. This is something you can do manually with notepad, however this gets tedious when dealing with multiple playlists that are frequently updated.


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